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Bond Cleaning In Woolloongabba

Bond Cleaning Woolloongabba | End of lease cleaning in Woolloongabba

There are a number of cleaning companies associated with Bond cleaning in Woolloongabba. Most of them hire part-time workers that are not well trained and lack the required technical knowledge. In bond cleaning, the major goal is to get a complete bond back. For that, the cleaners must be familiar with bond cleaning prerequisites, have required technical knowledge and be quick at doing work while maintaining quality.

Tenants and landowners are surprised to see the amount of time it takes to clean a home, and if the bond cleaning job is not done thoroughly and properly then the tenant may lose the bond deposits.

This is where WhitePeak24's bond cleaning in Woolloongabba come in handy. We have a dedicated team of experts specializing in end of lease cleaning, state of the art equipments and eco-friendly cleaning products. All this consitutes in a thorough bond cleaning that guarantees you your bond back.

Bond Back Guarantee

We offer a week's guarantee for our services which entitles our customer to opt for free-reclean in case they find the property not cleaned as per expectations.

Why Hire Whitepeak24 For Your Bond Cleaning Services In Woolloongabba?

The landlord & the property agent always expect a high-quality cleaning service done at the tenant's end when the property is vacated. If the cleaning is not done thoroughly and up to the expectations, the landlord or agent may decline to give a decent reference for the future tenancies and also may not return the bond deposit provided for the rental property.

WhitePeak24's Bond Cleaning Services in Woolloongabba ensures that your complete bond deposit is returned unless the property has any damage during your tenancy.

Our professional cleaners have extensive experience with end of lease cleaning and they understand exactly what the landlord is looking for during the inspection at the end of lease cleaning. The expert cleaning services that we give will excite prospective tenants and make the property a lot easier to rent out again. As our cleaning services come with 100% bond back guarantee so you know that your deposit will be returned.

Services Covered With Bond Cleaning in Woolloongabba

  • • Highly Trained proffesionals
  • • High-end quality equipments
  • • Quality products & eco-friendly chemicals used

  • • Dusting of the complete room
  • • Dusting of the ceiling fans, fan blades, curtains etc.
  • • Cleaning of the wall for removal of marks and stains
  • • Cleaning of the floor by mopping & vaccuuming/li>
  • • Cleaning of all the surfaces
  • • Dusting of the wardrobes and all respective furnishings
  • • Cleaning of all the glass surface areas
  • • Cleaning of the AC Units

  • • Cleaning of the cupboards & pantries
  • • Empyting bins
  • • Cleaning of the walls for stain removal
  • • Cleaning & scrubbing the sink, taps along with their disinfection
  • • Cleaning cooktop, grill, stoves, burners for any marks & stains
  • • Cleaning windows, fly screens, blinds & curtains
  • • Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  • • Wiping & dusting of all the furniture
  • • Refrigerator and dishwasher clening - both sides(Microwave & fridge – Extra Labor Hours Are Applicable)

  • • Dusting and washing off all the surfaces which includes glass surfaces
  • • Dusting of all the furniture, ceiling fans and wardrobes
  • • Vacuuming and mopping of the floor
  • • Cleaning mirrors and glass areas/li>
  • • Wiping & cleaning of all the outside AC units
  • • Removing all spots and marks from the walls
  • • Dusting and cleaning of the doors, door frames, windows & window sills
  • • Dusting and cleaning the skirting boards

  • • Removing the dirt from tiles & ceilings(if they are removable)
  • • Cleaning & polishing of all the mirror & glass surfaces
  • • Scrubbing, washing and cleaning of bathroom tiles
  • • Sweeping, scrubbing and mopping the bathroom floors
  • • Washing & scrubbing of the bathtub and showers and showerheads
  • • Cleaning toilets along with scrubbing and disinfection
  • • Cleaning the bathroom drawers and cabinet tops

  • • Cleaning and dusting the skirting boards in the dining room
  • • Removing dirt/stains from the walls
  • • Cleaning dining room fans, fan blades, furniture, etc.
  • • Dusting off and washing of all the surfaces
  • • Dusting along with the cleaning of blinds, window covers and curtains
  • • Dusting along with the wiping of window frames, door frames & window sills
  • • Wiping air conditioning units(exterior only)

  • • Sweeping the whole garage

  • • Sweeping and washing the balcony entirely
  • • Wiping the rails and frames

All of our trustworthy and professional cleaners are highly qualified. They all have more than 10 years of experience in cleaning and have already entertained more than a hundred end of lease cleaning services in Woolloongabba. We clean homes, apartments and offices.

Bond Cleaning in Woolloongabba Pricing

You will always get the best price offered for bond cleaning in Woolloongabba with us as we do understand the value of money and the cleaning needs of our esteemed customers.

We ensure to beat or match any quote you may have received from another bond cleaning company in Woolloongabba. Because of many years of experience in cleaning services in Woolloongabba, we understand what our clients need and expect from a bond cleaning company.

Our pricing structure is very easy to understand as we charge an hourly fee for the cleaning job. In case of urgency or cleaning of a big property, we can provide any number of cleaners to ensure effective & quick cleaning.

Call WhitePeak24's tollfree today on 07 2103 4716 for an effortless bond cleaning in Woolloongabba