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Office Cleaning

Providing a clean office environment is a key component to a modern, effective organisation. Cleanliness is of paramount importance to a company's brand persona and client perception.

Bond Cleaning

Through our years of experience in Bond cleaning, we know what passes for an acceptable bond refund guideline at an economical cost to you.

Home Cleaning

House cleaning is not an easy task, especially is you have kids. We provide home cleaning services for both one time cleaning and regular weekly or daily cleaning.

Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning is necessary for both newly constructed and renovated houses. It ensures that even the smallest nooks and crannies are not overlooked.

Moving In Cleaning

If you are moving into a newly constructed house or a older house, Professional cleaning of the house is necessary to disinfect the house as well as make it perfect and shiny.

Daily/Weekly Cleaning

We also provide professional cleaners for daily or weekly cleaning. Households, small businesses and elderly cleaning needs are taken care daily or weekly.

Carpet Cleaning

Daily use not only damages the carpet but reduces its overall life. Professional carpet cleaning always pays off and saves you the cost of carpet repairs.

Business Cleaning

Business cleaning needs are different from offices and homes. Some businesses require cleaners 24*7 and some need cleaning before the business opens to customers. We cater well to both.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that the customer knows what they need and it is the duty of the businesses to provide the best solution to suite the customers needs.

We have along tradition of keeping the customers satisfied. We believe that the customer has a very particular requirement and as a business, it is our duty to fulfill that need.

We also firmly believe that our prestige, which is embedded in our Brand name and reflects in our services, is more important than any amount of money. The only way to maintain that is through customer satisfaction.

Our Staff is continuously well trained, not only in cleaning, but also in mannerism and etiquettes. It not only helps in providing the customer with a better experience but also improves the quality of life for cleaners

Types of cleaning jobs

WhitePeak24 Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Bond Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

The process we follow is learned through every job we completed

As a human, the goal of our brain is to learn more and more. We follow the same strategy with our work. We implement what we learn immediately in our next job. 

    1. Hygiene & clean
    Cleanliness is what differentiates us from animals. And that is why we have a hygienic process in place.
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    02. Safety check
    Every cleaning we do, is safeguarded by Rules and Protocols. We work on the safety of both Man and Material.
    03. Deep cleaning
    In a successful cleaning business, our motive is not only money but creating standards.
    04. Free Re-Clean
    We don't charge for Recleaning anything that you feel we forgot to clean. We will clean till you are satisfied.
    05. Eco friendly
    Our motive is to make the house safe for its occupants, especially children. That is why, we use eco friendly cleaning agents.
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