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General Home Cleaning In Brisbane

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General Home cleaning is a difficult daily task that has to be done at any cost. A special time has to be assigned to clean your home. It is indeed an exhausting task. Although it is advised that General home cleaning must include cleaning everything because with most of the times we miss out on cleaning objects and furniture that makes them deteriorate over time.

Through Whitepeak24, we offer a strategic cleaning process developed over time with experience. Through our elaborate checklist and common sense, we ensure that everything is cleaned to perfection. The difference is not just the checklist. It is a mix of right techniques, equipment of cleaning, experience and time management.

You must be thinking that nobody knows your home better and that is true. But we know where, how and what to clean through our elaborate experience. General home cleaning is our forte and we are dedicated to that. If you wish to book an appointment, please call 0721034716 or chat with us.

Expert Team Experienced & Reliable

Convince yourself with our reliability and high-quality standards. Our customer reviews will provide you enough insight into our dedication in cleaning services.

100% Satisfaction

To comply with our quality standards at all times, our quality team checks your property after cleaning to ensure a job well done.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We are inclined to use high quality, yet eco-friendly cleaning materials and equipment to protect the environment for the next generation.

Cost Effective

A fair price and cost calculation make us an excellent cleaning service and partner over the long term.

Bond cleaning

A General Home cleaning usually includes the following:-

Vacuum/sweep floors
Wipe the front door and clean the doormat
Dust off furniture/shelves
Sweep cobwebs
Wipe the Doors and frames with a damp cloth
Clean the radiator or Air conditioner
Wipe the baseboards
Clean windows
Clean Skirting
Clean Empty Drawers/Shelves
Dust curtains/blinds
Wipe inside, outside and above the Living room cupboards
Clean Sink, bathtub and Bathroom Cabinets
Clean Tiles in the Bathroom
Clean stove
Clean the sink
Turn the mattress over
Clean lamps
Mop floors and Stairs
Emptying Dustbins
Making Bed*
Washing Bed sheets*
Washing Curtains*